Aftermath COVID 19
Aftermath COVID 19

Aftermath COVID 19

The word “aftermath”…how often do we hear this? All people in the world is facing “aftermath” right now. Corona pandemic is not only making people and countries to be locked down. We are dealing the aftermath of this pandemic. Companies are closed down. Hundred millions of people became unemployed, the world of work is falling apart. Furhermore, we are all facing the world’s economic slowdown. We know for sure that corona virus crisis will pass, but our “life” might never be the same again. What is happening this year will be part of the history of the mankind and this story always be told to our next generation.

What this condition means to us? As leaders, the situation is not easy to faced, even we can called it the hardest and toughest situation we ever had. We have to be ready that our organisation cannot be run like we are running now

So how should we react to the changing that happened in the world?

1.       Be flexible – leading our organisation to be flexible and adoptable to the situation, is the important thing that we need to do. Changes need to be made, including the most difficult decision of letting go people we have in our organization. We might not be able to keep everybody in our organization. It will be a difficult time for us to choose the right talents to stay with us. Choose your talents whom you think will be able to help the organisation do things again from the start.

2.       Be resilience – hard and difficult time will always come into leaders’ path in their leadership positions. Sometimes, they will find themselves trapped in the sinking sand’ situation and seems like there is no way they can go out. Never lose hope, keep fighting and try to do the best. Always remember the only thing that never changes is the change itself. Situations either good or bad will not last forever. If we are facing difficult situation right now, remember that it will turn out to be good.

3.       Be positive thinker – when we approach unpleasantness or negative situations in a more positive and productive way, good things will come to our lives. Positive thinking starts with self-talk and thankful gratitude. Though situations are not like we want it to be, we still can appreciate many good things happened in our lives. Our health, family, friends, team members whom we care.

4.       Be sensitive – as leaders, we should have the ability to see the need of our team and organization. When situation is not favorable, leaders tend to focus only to the problem and how to fix it. They have the tendency to lose their abilities to be sensitive and understand others. We cannot prioritize our team over our organization or vice versa, because our team and organization are both important. We need to find the balance of the two for the benefit of all.

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