Are you “Driven” or “Called” People ?
Are you “Driven” or “Called” People ?

Are you “Driven” or “Called” People ?

Many people asked: “What is the different between leader who serves and leader who serves himself?

Bob McDonald mentioned there are two types of people, which are “Driven people” and “Called people”.

“Driven people” will think their position, wealth and relation belong to them. They will try their best to protect and keep what they have.

“Called people” know things they have, are not belong to them. They are not the owner of their position, wealth and relation. They know that whatever they have, will be gone in a blink of eyes. Everything just for a temporary moment. whatever they have and who they will encounter today, might be gone by tomorrow. So they will try to do the best for others

Leaders who serve are “called people”, they know that others have entrusted the positions to them. Therefore, they have to serve the people who trust them. Leaders who serve love to receive feedbacks and inputs. They know that others’ opinion are important to them

Let us be leaders who serve and not serve ourselves

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