Being An Agile Leader
Being An Agile Leader

Being An Agile Leader

Recently, we heard the word “agile” many times, especially during these pandemics’ era. the world is entering turbulence times. Not only the technology disruption, but also pandemic caused everything to change, in society, economy, businesses, health issues and others. As leader, we must be able to face the uncertainty by having agility. What is agile? According to Oxford Learner’s Dictionary agile means able to move quickly and easily.

Studies conducted in searching of an agile leadership. What is agile leadership? Agile leadership is a leadership that lead an organization to be more adaptive, productive in any kind of situation.  For a leader to have an agile leadership, first he needs to have an agile mindset. An agile mindset is the mindset for creating and responding changes that bring turbulence to the environments. It is a thinking through how we can understand what is going on in our environment and society. Able to understand the uncertainty we are facing and finding out how to adopt those changes.

Being an agile leader means that we focus more on collaboration, instead of controlling the team. Leader also needs to focus more on leading in vision, direction and strategic of the organization. An agile management not controlling work and assignment but helping team and organization to be more independent. Agile leader help others to find the right solution by themselves, motivates other by giving them the authority and purpose. Agile leader also actively getting the information to be updated all the time.

To be an agile leader, few competencies needed, which are:

  • Humble
    • An agile leader understand that he is not someone who know all things. He realizes that he has weaknesses, therefore he is willing to hear other people opinions
  • Adaptable
    • An agile leader will not avoid changes but learn to become flexible and adapt the changes.
  • Visioner
    • An agile leader has vision dan motivate people to achieve that vision. He also inspires his follower and build collaboration
  • Engage
    • An agile leader engages with his stakeholder both internal and external, engagement help him to understand the things happened all around and build communication

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